Your medical script will make or break the success of your production. You need specialist help to ensure an accurate and realistic portrayal. Otherwise, the audience will see through it.

There are many competent scriptwriters out there. But you need guidance from someone else too. Otherwise, your script may be rejected like many others for logic holes

You need a medical script consultant. It is a role behind the scenes that not everyone knows about. It may be underappreciated, but it is often essential! 

A script consultant is a professional in a specific field. They can offer in-depth script analysis, notes, and general guidance. But how do you go about selecting a medical script consultant?

Read on for the seven steps you need to hire medical script consultants.

1. Make a Brief

What do you want to achieve with the medical script consultant? Do you want to have guidance on a completed script or rewrite, or for them to be part of the entire writing journey? 

You want to have a brief to present to the script consultant. Do not miss out on any details. Outline your objectives, deadlines, issues, and goals. It is easier to work out if they can meet the brief than hiring them on a whim without a focus.

Medical professionals are experienced with listening to problems and mistakes. Please do not hold back, as you want the right script consultant, and they need to know what they need to do. 

2. Think About Skill Sets

While many doctors are also creative in the arts, you cannot hire any doctor. If your script is focused on pediatric medicine, then look out for script consultants with this experience.

There are specialists for everything, so do not settle for a skillset that does not fit the role. Some of the many skill sets offered with Med Expert Witness include:

  • Forensic Pathology/Medical Examiner
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Surgery 
  • Gastroenterology
  • Cosmetic Surgery 
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Law Enforcement/Police Officers/EMS/Firefighters

Medical professionals work in a range of roles, so you need to be specific about what medical area you need. The more specific, the more likely you will get the script analysis you need. 

3. Know Where To Search

How do you go about finding a medical script consultant? They are often not credited because of Writers Guild America rules. A writer has to contribute to 33% of the final shooting script to be recognized. 

But they often provide essential contributions, so where do you find one?

It is possible to search through contacts, but you might not get the right credentials. Plus, they might not have any idea about how to apply medical knowledge to scriptwriting. 

It is best to go with a professional service that specializes in medical services. Then you have a selection to choose from, often matched from your brief. 

Often companies offer free consultations to get a feel for the service and if it is right for you. It will save you time and hassle if any changes or challenges arise. 

4. Review Resume and Experience

It is best to review the resume, even if a company highly recommends a specific script consultant. You can confirm if they have the right skillset and check their experience.

Everyone starts somewhere. But specific projects will require someone with experience in script consulting too.

A professional may have the proper medical skillset but have no experience consulting. You should not dismiss them for this but look into their other writing or creative expertise.

A professional may also have the experience but not the right skillset. Try to validate their resume, such as by looking on LinkedIn, if you are not sure. 

Always check if the experience was solely television, theatre, film, or a mix. 

5. Arrange an Interview

Sometimes, someone looks great on paper, but you might not ‘click’ in person. You want to make sure you are on the same wavelength but provide enough information to give them a chance. Some ways you can use interview time include:

  • A casual conversation 
  • A formal interview with direct questions
  • A role-play, using a script 

A casual conversation will help determine their personality and experience. A formal interview will do this in a more structured way, which may teach you more about the client.

A role-play is fantastic because you will get a feel for what the feedback process is like. And you will see how they deal with a script.

6. Research Testimonials

When you are hiring a script consultant, research client testimonials will explain how they dealt with past projects. You can also do this if you go with a company to determine whether their service is up to standard. 

If possible, you can also review past scripts or any portfolio they may have. Scripts may have been changed since they worked on them, but it gives you an idea of how they apply their skills to paper. 

Always review independent and direct reviews to get a well-rounded perspective. Do not be afraid to ask for references too.

7. Talk Costs

So you have an incredible medical scriptwriter in mind, but not sure about their fee for hire. You need to talk about costs, how much is their service?

You do not want any surprise costs for extra services dropped on you last minute. Always ask for total fees, and draw up a contract.

A medical script company should advertise no hidden fees. But always check before hiring the script consultant.

Hire the Best Medical Script Consultants!

With the steps above, you will have no trouble finding and selecting a medical script consultant.

While you might be on a tight deadline, it is best not to rush through the selection process. A quality candidate will deliver what you need.

The journey does not end here. You need to collaborate and check in regularly. You want to ensure your medical script delivers its intended result.

Med Expert Witness offers many services, including medical scriptwriting for film and television. Our medical experts will deliver the results you need. Contact us today to learn more!