You can’t understate the value of an expert witness in adversarial proceedings. The expert witness’s role is to offer expert and technical opinion in a court proceeding to help the court reach a conclusive verdict. This expert witness has specialist knowledge in a particular field hence the “expert” tag.

Expert witnesses aren’t involved in the actual dispute, but their input is invaluable in arriving at the final decision. However, finding an expert witness for a case is easier said than done.

You won’t run out of experts on online listings, but with so many, how do you pick the right one for your case? There’s a lot at stake when it comes to picking an expert for your court case. Not only do you lose the case, but you also have to pay the expert an exorbitant amount should you pick the wrong person.

If you’re looking for an expert witness, is here to help you find the right one for your case.

Look at the Licenses and Credentials

As mentioned earlier, expert witnesses are specialists in their niches. However, they must have the relevant documents to back up their technical skills. screens and evaluates the expert’s licenses and credentials first and foremost. We do a background search of the expert’s license. Confirm their validity, whether their license is current and if it had ever been suspended, revoked or any disciplinary proceedings or actions brought against the expert. License requirements vary by state. While some states require expert witnesses to only have technical licenses, others require separate expert witnesses’ licenses. A good example is the medical witness expert certificate mandatory for all medical witnesses in Florida.
Apart from the licenses, we inquire about other relevant credentials, for instance, academic and professional credentials. This helps you sidestep any fraudsters looking to swindle you out of your hard-earned money.

MedExpertwitness Evaluates the CV

The CV tells you a lot about the expert witness that you have in mind. In fact, the CV is almost more important than the specific licenses and credentials. That’s because the CV sheds light on the witness’ qualifications, area of expertise, and experience.
When it comes to CVs, we don’t just look at the current CV. We also look at previous CVs to get a good picture of who you’re dealing with. Most experts update their CVs regularly and leave out the not-so-pleasant information.
If an expert witness has their own website, they may be what is considered “a hired gun.” This is an expert who will testify to whatever the retaining client wants and therefore his or her credibility is greatly diminished. If the expert is “registered” with several expert companies, this is a “red flag.” This may indicate they are paying a fee to register and derive a great portion of their income from legal work. This too, affects their credibility as an expert. does NOT charge their experts a fee to be affiliated with our company nor do we advertise their names, and we do not hire experts who are registered with multiple companies. The great majority of their time is spent in medical clinical practice, teaching, publishing and lecturing.

MedExpertwitness Check Reported Degrees and Relevant Academic Credentials

The institution that the expert attended, and the degree awarded speaks volumes about the expert. In most cases, the institution goes hand-in-hand with the expert’s expertise. However, that’s not the only reason why you need to confirm the expert’s degrees.
An expert that uses fraudulent degrees exposes your attorney to malpractice litigation under misrepresentation. Of course, you don’t stand a chance should your attorney attract any malpractice litigation. has professionals on staff who do a thorough background check on potential experts through state regulatory agencies.

Determine Disqualification History

MedExpertwitness determines whether an expert has ever been disqualified. If the expert has ever been disqualified prior to the testimony, there is a high chance of a repeat disqualification. In fact, one of the first questions the other attorney will ask is whether your expert has ever been disqualified. To be on the safe side, work with an expert that boasts a clean slate.
To be on the safe side, work with an expert that boasts a clean slate.

Reviews and Testimonials will disclose the expert’s previous legal testimony, background, and case history to assist in identifying the appropriate expert for your case. We are vigilant to keep an eye out for fake reviews and testimonials. If they sound overly positive and generic, the reviews are probably fake. Even the best expert witnesses have at least one critical review; nobody’s perfect.

How to Find an Expert Witness Made Easy’s staff of medical and legal professionals will assist you in identifying and retaining the appropriate expert specific to your case. The right expert witness for your litigation or arbitration is a click away. Contact us today, and we’ll get you the expert witness you deserve.