Writing a film script is a tough job.

From creating realistic dialogue to conjuring up interesting story arcs, it’s certainly not a role for the fainthearted. But, if you have a passion for turning words into stories for the silver screen, writing a full script is incredibly rewarding and a good one could even see you heading to Hollywood.

But, a film isn’t just about a good story. There are plenty of ins and outs to a good, sellable TV or movie script that producers will snatch up, and sometimes you need a TV expert to come in and help you polish your screenplay before you send it out.

Unsure if that’s the right option for you? Take a look at this guide to hiring a TV expert for scripts to find out more!

What is a TV Expert?

A TV expert is a professional in an industry that you bring in to help you write your script. For example, if you’re writing a script about a murder, you could bring in a medical expert to help you create a credible murder, a detailed coverup, or to explain what a medical expert would say in a court case for the murder. We can provide a Forenensic Pathologist to consult and help you write you write scenes where the murder is being investigated, helping you to get all of the details correct.

There are TV experts for a huge range of industries. Even the most out-there science fiction scripts can use the help of an expert Pulmonary physician expert to ground them and create a more realistic plot such as drafting a script about oxygen levels in space. You can use TV experts for film scripts or TV screenplays, too, or even for writing novels if you’re not bothered about getting your tale on the big screen.

Now you know a bit more about what one is, let’s take a look at why hiring a TV expert and how they can improve your scripts.

Create More Accurate Scenes

Writers are often told to write what they know, but that isn’t always possible. If you’ve got a great story about a serial killer but you’ve never been to medical school, you’re not a detective, and you don’t know the ins and outs of how to murder someone and get away with it (or not) then the answer isn’t to not write it. Far from it!

A good story should always be written; all you need to do is bring in a TV expert. They can help you to create realistic scenes that are going to grip the audience and transport them into the world you’ve created. An unrealistic murder or a shoddy coverup and your script is going to fall apart, but a TV expert can stop that from happening. 

Whether you plan your story and get expert help before you write the scenes in-depth, or you have an expert read over the whole script once it’s finished and point out any errors, it’s invaluable to have their help during the writing process. It means that writers no longer have to write what they know, they just have to hire someone who does.

Avoid Plot Holes

Plot holes are the nightmare of every writer, but when you’re not an expert they’re easy to create. If there’s a pivotal point in your story that, when released, an industry expert debunks, your story is going to lose a lot of credibility. But if that expert checks it over before you release the story, you have an opportunity to rework it with their help to create a script that works. 

For example, you might have someone who dies instantly at the scene from an attack, only for a medical expert to reveal that it would actually take an hour or more to die from such a wound. To the untrained eye, you wouldn’t notice such a mistake, but you can be sure that if one medical expert spots it they all will. It only takes one person to point out the error and your story falls apart. 

Help Sell Your Film Script

When it comes to selling your script, an expert is going to be a huge help. Even if you have a really well-written story, if it lacks realism or credibility, it just won’t sell. But if you go to producers with a script that’s beautifully written, has a compelling story, and has the details that only an expert would be able to write, you’re on to a winner.

Should I Hire a TV expert?

If you’re still unsure about whether you need a TV expert for your script, it comes down to this; are you an expert in the area you’re writing about? If not, hire someone to help. They may not need to change a thing, but they may also notice tiny – or huge – errors that could ruin the realism of your story. 

Whether you’re writing about someone with an illness you don’t have, a profession you haven’t done, or a situation you’ve never been in, an expert can help it sound like you have. 

What Next?

If you’ve decided that you need a TV expert to polish your movie script and add that realism that elevates a piece for writing from novice to professional, it’s time to start looking for one! First, think about which industry is going to benefit your story the most. Then, find an agency that can partner you with the right expert for your purposes.

If you’re looking for a medical or legal expert to help you create a realistic script, be sure to check out MedExpert Witness. MedExpert Witness has plenty of trained, trusted medical and legal experts who can help you with your film writing needs.